Treenome Browser#

The Treenome Browser allows simultaneous exploration of a reference genome, phylogeny, and the genetic variation within a tree.

Getting Started#

Enabling the Treenome Browser#


Currently, only jsonl trees that have been created with usher_to_taxonium using a protobuf and an associated Genbank file work with the Treenome Browser. E.g., usher_to_taxonium -i input.pb -o output.jsonl.gz --genbank

If your supplied tree file is supported, enable Treenome Browser in the right-hand panel.

Loading annotations#

Load annotations by clicking the track selector button in the browser panel.

If you are viewing the public SARS-CoV-2 tree (, annotation tracks are loaded automatically from the UCSC Genome Browser. Otherwise, annotations are currently limited to a reference sequence track.